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  About Kron - Mission, Vision and Values        



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Mission, Vision and Values


Working at Kron



Develop, produce and sell products and services, adding value to our customers, employees and shareholders while operating in the electrical and electronics industry through continuous development in a sustainable manner.


Become a benchmark for the global market as a solution-oriented company in power measurement.


• Respect for the needs of our customers and employees

• Honesty in interpersonal relationships

• Social and environmental responsibility

• Excellence in all aspects

• Ethics



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  Kron Instrumentos Elétricos
Rua Alexandre de Gusmão, 278 - São Paulo, SP | Brasil
Tel: 55 (11) 5525-2000 - Fax: 55 (11) 5525-2049 - vendas@kron.com.br
Eficiência Energética Prêmio Nei  

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