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 Mult K 120  - Digital Transducer

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Mult K 120 - Digital Transducer
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Digital transducer Mult K -120 is a micro processed instrument used in panels that allows measurement of 44 electrical parameters in AC systems.

With this transducer, is possible to make direct measurement (without use of CTs- current transformer) in circuits of till 120 A ac.

The transducer  Mult K - 120 has also a function of data concentrator , collecting datas from water and gaz meters with pulse output showing these informations in its serial output RS-485


  • substation automation;
  • building and industrial automation;
  • circuit analysis and electrical equipment;
  • sub metering;
  • substituition of analog instruments;
  • any application involving electrical parameters measurement.


  • Voltage : phase-phase 
  • Voltage : phase-neutral 
  • Current ( each phase and three phase)
  • Active power (each phase and three phase)
  • Reactive power (each phase and three phase)
  • Aparent power (each phase and three phase)
  • Power factor (each phase and three phase)
  • THD (each phase of voltage and current)
  • Active demand (medium and maximum)
  • Aparent demand (medium and maximum)
  • Active Energy (positive and negative)
  • Reactive Energy (positive and negative)



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